LeadsLeap traffic Exchange & Earning Opportunities

Leadsleap is both a Manual and a Co-Op Traffic Exchange. On this website, you can earn traffic directly from Leadsleap or you can get traffic by advertising your co-op link on other traffic exchanges. You can advertise your website, business opportunity, or affiliate link on the site and in the co-op as long as you have enough credits. The ads on Leadslead have no time limit unlike other Traffic Exchanges, this means that you can take as long as you need to view the advertised website. If you upgrade your account for just $27 a month then you will no longer need credits to advertise your website, business opportunity, or affiliate link. 

Leadsleap has 5 different ways for you to earn money: 
  • 1st way to earn is through Affiliate commissions. You will earn 25% commissions as a free member and 50% as an upgraded member. 
  • 2nd way is through the co-op, you will be able to earn anywhere from $0.10 to $8 for 1,000 views to your co-op link. 
  • 3rd way is through the PPC option...all you have to do is add a Pay Per Click (PPC) widget to your website and you'll get paid for every time someone click on one of the advertised websites, business opportunities, or affiliate links. (see below).
  • 4th way is for you to exchange the credits that you have earned from you advertising your co-op link and clicking on the advertisements on site for cash. 
  • 5th and final way is for you to be active on site. This requires you to long in every day and click on the advertised websites, business opportunities, or affiliate links. The minimum number of sites that you need to view in order to quailify for the Daily Active Bonus is 10.
Leadslead will allow you to cashout your earning with either Paypal or Wise (Transferwise). The minimum amount needed to cashout is $10. 

If you want to signup to Leadsleap then CLICK HERE for a lifetime free account. You will not be forced to upgrade, you can stay a free member if that's what you want to do.

NOTE: You will not get rich with this opportunity nor will you receive 100,000 page views in 1 day. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so that means there is a waiting period before you actually receive your money (this only applies to money received from upgraded referrals). The amount of views that you receive depends on the number of people who finds your ad interesting or appealing.