The best Ad Networks

An Ad Network (Advertising Network) is a company that allows you to either Advertise or Earn money with them. These types of businesses have an excess of advertisements that need some type of way for people to see them and that's where you (The publisher) come in. You would earn a portion of the company's revenue if you agree to advertise their advertisements on your website or blog. As stated earlier you can also use an Ad Network to advertise your Website, Affiliate link, or Blog to receive more views and possibly earn more money. There are 2 main types of advertisements you can choose from, they are CPM ads and CPC ads.

Ways for you to advertise on the following sites are: 

  • CPM (Cost Per Millie or Cost Per Thousand) Ads - are ads in which you pay a certain price for every 1,000 views to your website, affiliate link, or Blog.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) Ads - are ads in which you pay for every click on your advertisement. 
  • CPV (Cost Per View) Ads - are ads in which you pay for every view that your ad receives (clicks are not included)
As a Publisher, you will be paid for advertising on your Website or Blog and your choice is between being paid for CPM or CPC. Some sites will pay you for CPV but the price that you'll be paid will probably be between $0.00001 to $0.00005 per view. So it's better to choose a site that pays you for CPC or CPM.

Below is a bunch of different Ad Networks for you to earn or advertise with.

Adsterra is a solid Advertising network that has been serving north of 30 billion advertisement impressions each month around the world. It is well known for its accomplished and qualified group, remarkable direct traffic from everywhere in the world, three degrees of hostility to extortion insurance, and a wide scope of promoting arrangements and installment strategies. 

As of late, Adsterra recorded more than 100K missions across 248 topographies serving north of 30 billion impressions each month. 

Distributors can adapt any traffic with Adsterra: work area/portable site traffic or social/versatile application traffic with Adsterra. One huge positive part of this promotion network is that distributers can look over its scope of different advertisement designs: Popunder, Social Bar (absolute impact!), In-Page Push, Native, Banners, VAST (Pre-Roll Video).

Propellerads is a self-serving advertising network that provides both display and mobile ads. It has over 1 billion monthly users across thousands of online publishers. 

Propellerads allows publishers to monetize their content, similar to Google Adsense. This ad network has all three of the above-mentioned advertising models for you to choose from. This advertising network has instant approval, All you have to do is confirm your email address and you are in. As a member of Propellerads, you can choose between Push ads, Interstitial ads, Native Banner ads, Smark Links, and Onclick Popunder ads. 

Propellerads has a $5 minimum which you withdraw using Payoneer ($20), Paypal (USD), Skrill(EUR), and WebMoneyZ.

Propellerads also has a referral program in which you'll earn a 5% commission from your referral revenue.