Payment Gateways

Shown below are a bunch of different Payment Gateways that you can use for your business. Each one of the Payment Processors can be used as a PayPal replacement. You can also use each of these Payment Gateways injunctions with PayPal to have a variety of Payment options and Increase your customers.
1. AirTM is a digital wallet that is connected to over 300 Banks and Payment processors. This Peer-To-Peer system allows its users to send funds locally and internationally. You can use AirTM as a payment processor for your Work At Home Business or E-Commerce store. AirTM will give you $1 for signing up and $2 for every referral that adds at least $15 to their account.
2. Wise is a digital money exchange and e-wallet. You will be able to send and spend money internationally for 7x cheaper than regular banks. Receive payments in 10 different currencies. Wise has a $9 card that you can use in 200 countries and add to your Google or Apple pay for easy access to your funds. This E-Wallet is offering to pay you $75 for every 3 referrals who transfer over $300.

3. ​Payoneer is an online payment system and peer-to-peer payment system that allows you to transfer money to anyone anywhere in the world. This payment processor is already being used as an alternative to PayPal on certain websites (Fiverr, Tunecore,, etc). Payoneer supports 150 different Currencies with its international wire transfers. This Digital wallet offers to pay you at least $25 for every referral that receives $1,000 to their card or account.

Note: I have used each of the Payment Gateways and Banking apps that are shown above to receive at least 1 payment. I use each app & gateway for both personal and business purposes.